Northpoint Washington in Edmonds – NEW Inpatient Addiction Treatment Facility

For those suffering from addiction, the new inpatient addiction treatment facility in Edmonds, Washington is a welcome addition. Northpoint has outpatient clinics in Washington and Idaho, as well as a 22-bed inpatient clinic in Boise, Idaho. This brand new facility is much larger and is opening up this month. The grand opening date is April 26 and the first patients will be admitted on April 29. The facility is close to Seattle, making it convenient for residents to get the help they need.

Edmonds Inpatient Addiction Rehab Center Facts

This facility is built to be a warm and welcoming environment for those with addiction. It is a private, 44 bed, facility with drug and alcohol detox and rehab treatment. The staff that has been selected for the Northpoint Washington inpatient facility are experienced addiction specialists. The following are important members of staff and will be there to ensure your addiction recovery is smooth.

Logan Stroud – VP of WA Market

Dr. Samir Aziz – Medical Director of Washington

Dan Labuda – Program Director for Northpoint Washington

Kozi Colberg – Director of Nursing

Robert Castan – President and COO

In 2010, after finding his own recovery, Robert dedicated his life to helping others find freedom from addiction. Since then, he has created innovative, and successful addiction treatment programs, across the Western US. Robert has extensive experience with marketing, brand management, web development, and intake coordination.

In 2014 Robert co-founded Northpoint Recovery in Boise, Idaho. From Northpoint’s inception, Robert oversaw the facility layout, marketing campaigns, and key team development. With Northpoint’s growth and success, Robert assumed the position of Chief Operating Officer. Today he is responsible for supervising daily operations of the administrative, marketing and intake teams, as well as; assisting in key growth initiatives.

“I am extremely proud of what we have created at Northpoint Recovery, we get to do something we love and help people change their lives.” Robert’s vision and determination are evident throughout Northpoint’s services.

Services at Northpoint Washington in WA

The setting is beautiful and unique compared to other facilities. You’ll find it bright, spacious, and welcoming. It’s also brand new. The drug and alcohol treatments they use to help you overcome addiction are the best-proven methods available today. They offer you an individual treatment plan. When you go through admissions, you’ll have an assessment. This allows them to find out what your specific needs are with treatment. Here are some key points that make Northpoint Washington the best rehab and detox center in Washington.

  • High staff to patient ratio which allows you to get more time with staff members.
  • A variety of activity options that include aerobic exercises, yoga classes, mindfulness training, hiking, and more.
  • Therapy groups that offer you support. This can include educating you on addiction, doing creative projects, and other fulfilling activities.
  • A nutrition program that helps the body recover from substance abuse. You’ll also be instructed on how to create healthy meals for yourself. A caterer prepares your healthy meals daily.
  • Empirical treatment program.
  • Nursing care available to you 24/7.
  • Inpatient programs that allow you the time and focus to recover from addiction.
  • You’ll experience a sense of community as we bring you together with others via support groups, socialization or community outreach.
  • A modern, brand new addiction rehab facility.
  • Holistic alcohol and drug treatment.

The Journey of the Edmonds Rehab Facility

A lot of time and effort has gone into making this a place you want to spend time in. A place of healing and immersing into addiction recovery. Here are some images of the build and the overall vision. The finishing touches are being put on in anticipation of the grand opening happening in just a few weeks.

northpoint washington construction

northpoint washington construction 2

Starting to come to life. You can see the big windows and the natural surroundings that give it a comfortable feel.

northpoint washington construction 3

A good day when the banner can go up in front of the main entrance.

northpoint washington construction 4

northpoint washington construction 5

What to Expect at the Grand Opening In Edmonds, WA

When a facility like this opens, it’s a big deal to the local community. It brings hope to someone who may have lost it. The opportunity to give someone a chance to overcome addiction matters. With all the problems surrounding addiction, a welcoming facility like this is a great addition. The facility has met all the local safety requirements and the finishing touches are being done as we speak.

northpoint washington grand opening

The Grand Opening is on Friday, April 26th.

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is from 10 am – 12 pm.

From 12pm-7pm there is an Open House.

This gives you a chance to view the facility and get information about their admissions and program offering. During the open house, there will be members of the legislature, medical industry, counseling industry, industry influencers, and more. This facility is important for many parties that are looking to improve the addiction situation across the state and country.

Media has been invited. The facility is already being interviewed on the morning talk show for King 5 (NBC Station) once a week for 4 weeks straight. They start on April 23. This is going to help people get a clear vision of what to expect from this facility and the treatment they’ll receive. He is an important part of Northpoint Washington and has dedicated a lot to ensuring people get the addiction help they need. The COO, Robert Castan will be there and will likely be interviewed by local news radio.

Northpoint Locations

Northpoint has a number of programs available. Until recently, there was just one inpatient rehab clinic. This is where you immerse in a program and stay in a residential setting the whole time. It’s a great program for someone who has a concern that they will relapse. Although anyone can benefit from getting the best treatment available.

When you’re at home, it’s easier to drink or abuse drugs if you have a craving or trigger. You don’t have access to substances while you’re in a residential setting. You have to instead work through the cravings and emotional triggers. A counselor is always available to help you through these moments.

Here is the list of locations:

Ashwood Recovery is an outpatient facility that has two locations. Boise and Nampa, Idaho. It is accessible to Meridian, Eagle, and other highly populated areas. Many people have been helped at this facility. They offer a high-quality drug and alcohol treatment in their outpatient setting.

Evergreen at Northpoint is another outpatient facility that is in Bellevue, WA. There is also another location that will open in Northgate, Seattle in July 2019. There have been hundreds of positive reviews for Evergreen at Northpoint. Their outpatient program has helped many. They support families of addicts too.

Northpoint Recovery in Boise, ID is the other inpatient program available. They have received countless accolades for their addiction program. They have quickly become known as the best rehab center in the Treasure Valley area. This is thanks to their professional staff that offer care and compassion while using the most up to date methods for recovery.

Northpoint Washington is the newest addiction and is the second inpatient facility to open.

What is Inpatient Addiction Treatment?

This is a high-quality form of rehab that has you staying in a residential setting throughout your rehab. You’ll be getting all the essential kinds of therapy that have been proven to work. There are complex addiction issues that not every facility can treat. Dual diagnosis, for example, is a complex disorder that makes treating drug and alcohol addiction more challenging.

At Northpoint Recovery, there is individualized dual-diagnosis drug rehab that will treat the needs of each patient. This includes the psychological conditions that are attributing to drug addiction.

28-Day Addiction Recovery Program

Inpatient drug addiction treatment with Northpoint Washington is all-inclusive. You’ll get treatment for every aspect of drug addiction. This includes the physical dependency that causes uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. They also help you reveal and heal from the psychological reasons you abused substances. Actions taken include medical intervention, therapy that matches the person, and holistic treatments. The body will go back to normal and you’ll have the opportunity to live a positive life free from drugs.

The Northpoint Washington inpatient facility lasts for 28 days in a residential care setting. Afterward, there is an outpatient treatment strategy. This will help you transition back to your normal life but with a new outlook and lifestyle.

Here are a few more details about the Northpoint Recovery inpatient program for drug addiction.

Detox – Northpoint Washington helps through detox by giving you a medical intervention when necessary. They offer specialized therapeutic activities that help through drug withdrawal discomfort. This process lasts from 5-7 days.

The Residence – Your accommodation throughout your rehab will include a room that you’ll share with one other person. There are healthy meals available and if you need nutritional supplements, this is also provided.

Length of Stay – The inpatient program at Northpoint Washington is usually 28 days of inpatient care. There are also outpatient care options that can last anywhere from weeks to months. It depends on your specific needs.

Personalized Treatment

Northpoint Washington has a personalized solution for those with alcohol addiction. The addict will be immersed in a variety of treatments every day. This includes things like diagnostic, medical and therapeutic treatments. It depends on the nature of addiction and the person. At the facility, detox and psychological rehab will take place.

There will also be outpatient care management. Inpatient rehab at Northpoint Washington offers some of the best addiction recovery methods plans in the country. This includes medical intervention along with therapeutic treatment. For those with even the most severe addictions and complexities, their program is highly effective.

Their alcohol addiction rehab program is a 28-day inpatient program. It is for adults over 18 that have an Alcohol Use Disorder. This program is different from most because they use medical and holistic treatments. They utilize all the most effective alcohol rehab treatments that have research to back up their efficacy.

Length of Program – The inpatient program is 28 days but you’ll also have access to weeks or months of aftercare. This depends on your unique situation.

Personalized Treatment Plans – Our medical staff is certified to provide dual diagnosis, analyzing any underlying causes of alcohol addiction such as mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, or depression.

Detox – The process of getting the substance out of the body is known as detox. It takes from 5 days to a few weeks for this process. You may get medical intervention as you’re managing the most acute withdrawal symptoms. You transition from detox to rehab slowly.

Residential Information – Rooms are equipped to sleep two people to a room throughout your program.

How much you’ll pay out of pocket depends on how long you stay, what your medical requirements are, and how much your insurance is covering. Payments are accepted by insurance and cash funds.

How is Northpoint Recovery Different?

There are plenty of rehab clinics in Washington so why is Northpoint different? When it comes to your addiction recovery, you don’t want to take a chance. The way that Northpoint Washington personalizes their programs, you can see a dramatic change in yourself. The 56-hour week of therapeutic treatments reduces all the factors that made you abuse drugs. The house of cards that you were living under just can’t stand up anymore.

The detox stage will be done in a gentle way and immediately, you’ll go into intensive rehab. It’s progressive so you won’t feel shell shocked at any point. In the rehab process, they’ll use whatever methods are necessary for your recovery. It may be holistic or they might use traditional treatment.

The program includes some local outings so you can go through addiction triggers and cravings. Northpoint Washington knows how important it is to assimilate real-life situations during rehab. You’ll be able to have that support in a way you hadn’t before. Your counselors will be there and they’ll walk you through the challenges you’re experiencing in a real-life situation. This is unique to their programs and really helps you prepare for what life will be like after rehab.

The First Day at Northpoint Recovery

On the first day, you’ll go through the admissions process. This includes paperwork like insurance forms and payment processing. They will also need your medical background. You’ll meet your greeter which is another patient at the facility who can help you out because they’ve been there longer. They’ll give you a tour and take you to your room. You’ll learn about the schedule and generally let you know what to expect.

There will be a medical exam where doctors examine your overall health, both mental and physical. A psychiatrist will do a mental and emotional exam on you. This helps the staff to figure out what medications are necessary for your condition (s). You might be surprised to find out that you have a clinical mood disorder which has been feeding your addiction. This is also known as dual diagnosis. In cases like this, different treatment is necessary. It’s important that it’s diagnosed if you’re experiencing it.

Once you’ve gone through the examinations, medical staff will come up with a totally personalized treatment plan for you. This is the most effective way to get you through the recovery process and getting back to your life. That’s your day one at Northpoint Washington.

Detox and Rehab Details for Northpoint

Detox is considered the scariest and most challenging part of recovery. If you try to do it at home, it’s especially frightening and usually ineffective. The Northpoint Washington detox program focuses on making it as painless as possible. You’re in a protected environment and to make the process easier, there is medical intervention if needed. Detox usually lasts one week. During this time, you’ll be evaluated every four hours. This is to see how you’re coping and how strong your withdrawal symptoms are.

You’ll also have a doctor coming to see you daily. This is so he can make adjustments on medications as your symptoms reduce. As you’re easing out of detox, they are slowly integrating rehab therapies also.

Treatments they’ll incorporate into your detox include:

  • Prescription medications to ease discomfort
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Art therapy
  • Physical workouts with a trainer

Once detox has completed, you’ll be treated for psychological and social reasons you became addicted to drugs or alcohol. This is where you’ll have the 56 hours of intensive therapy weekly. Your treatment plan is designed just for you and there’s a lot of activities within the program. Treatments at Northpoint Washington include:

  • One-on-one counseling
  • Process groups for men and women
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Mindfulness meditation practice
  • Educational classes relating to addiction
  • Bibliotherapy
  • Assimilation activities (triggers and craving in a real-world situation)
  • Art therapy
  • Strength-based therapy

Northpoint Recovery Inpatient Rehab Study

Northpoint Recovery commissioned Milliman to get an evaluation of their drug and alcohol addiction treatment program. What is Milliman? It’s one of the most highly regarded companies for providing objective reports.

The report analyzed 3 outcomes of a group of patients who got substance addiction treatment with a Northpoint inpatient rehab facility.

The key measurements that Milliman used to find out what the outcomes of treatment patients received at Northpoint included:

Readmission Rates

The number of patients that would return to Inpatient Care at Northpoint after being discharged (completing treatment or voluntarily leaving)

Engagement with Outpatient Therapy

How long patients used the services at an Outpatient Treatment Facility associated with Northpoint Washington.

Non-compliance with a Urinalysis

How many patients failed a drug test because substances were found in their urine.

The Drug Test

Of patients who tested in the first 30 days after leaving inpatient care, 62% passed the drug test.

75% of patients tested between 181 and 270 days after discharge, passed the drug test.

Of all the patients in the study who were readmitted to the inpatient program at Northpoint:

  • 5% were readmitted in the first 30 days
  • 16% were readmitted within one year following discharge

Patients were tracked for a year right after getting out of rehab. The patients who were involved went through detox, rehab and also used Northpoint’s outpatient treatment. Here is what the report said:

  • Patients who took part in detox and residential rehab had better outcomes than those who had one form of treatment.
  • Patients who received Vivitrol (Naltrexone) at the end of inpatient treatment showed better results than those who did not.
  • Treatment was similarly effective for all patients, regardless of age, sex, or insurance coverage status.

So who had the best results based on the Milliman report?

Patients who completed the 28-day inpatient rehab program.

Getting the Help You Need with Inpatient Rehab

Northpoint Washington knows the statistics. They know what has been proven to be most effective for recovering addicts. The opening of this facility on April 29 allows them to help more people with addiction recovery. They have put a lot of effort into making this facility a safe, effective place to heal and grow for addicts.

If you’ve spent years without hope that you’ll ever get past addiction, know that there is help for you. Northpoint Washington aims to give you a therapeutic environment that will help you build the foundation for change. They have a high commitment to your recovery success. From empirically based treatments to learning new habits and behaviors, you’ll learn how to get back in touch with yourself. At a deep level, you’ll go through a healing transformation. This addition to the Northpoint group gives you a chance to get past addiction.

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