Drug Testing Business and Franchise Opportunities

Drug testing is one of the most important activities of a state. Year by year, millions of employees, students, and athletes are tested for the presence of drug metabolites and alcohol. Aside from the role of drug testing in indentifying drug addicts and providing solutions to help them quit bad habits, drug testing also serves as a significant part of the business cycle.

People have also come to realize the various business opportunities behind drug testing. In 2007, the drug testing market was able to generate revenue of $1.4 billion. According to the BCC research, the amount is expected to reach $2.0 billion in 2014.

Drug Testing Business

Drug testing business is the term used to describe the process of providing drug testing services to the private and public sectors of the government, in exchange for profit. Drug testing business provides drug testing services for screening devices, defensive tools, and for legal requirement.

The people behind the drug testing industry are also known as service agents or service providers of the drug and alcohol industry.

Types of Drug Testing Business

The drug testing business is a large market. Under this large market, there are small segments, which aspiring businessmen can start with. From a simple beginning of operating one segment, new businessmen can grow few more segments in the future. Some experienced businessmen jump right into providing various services offered by each industry.

    • Specimen collectors These are people who travel from one place to another to collect biological specimen, such as urine, hair, blood, sweat, and saliva. They work for clients, laboratories, and third party administrators.

    • Collection Sites These are facilities where specimens go after collection. They can be walk-in clinics, hospitals, or occupational health clinics. Some doctors also build their own offices for drug testing and serve as employers of their own business. These types of facilities are considered to be one of the most potential competitors in drug testing business.

    • Laboratories The specimens collected from the collection site are tested by the laboratories. Building a laboratory needs a big investment as it requires many things. As of today, the drug testing laboratories that are involved with drug testing include Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, MEDTOX, and Clinical Reference (CRL).

    • Substance Abuse Professional They are degree holders that evaluate individuals, who have violated some DOT regulations. Substance abuse professionals give advice, treatment, follow-up testing, and aftercare for addicted people and earn professional fees.

    • Instant Testing Manufacturers and Distributors These are online or direct suppliers and distributors that sell drug test kits and other testing materials for forensic drug testing or drug testing at home, school, or workplace. They can be independent or affiliated with other drug testing programs, depending on the marketing strategy.

The Difference between Business Opportunity and Franchise

Business opportunities and franchise are two different ways of starting a drug testing business. Business opportunities are the business ideas, which people can start on their own. These are less structured type of business model, which do not require people to operate under a common brand. Business opportunities allow people to create their own name, get popular, and have numerous clients.

Franchise business model is a type of business, where businessmen market an established company's goods and services. Given the privilege, people behind this type of business sell products of the same brand and operate using a standardized operating system. Since this type of business already has a built-in business formula, it is considered to be more secured than starting an own brand.

Different Franchise Business Opportunities

  • ANY LAB TEST NOW This is one of the fastest growing drug testing businesses that offers affordable lab services. Anyone who builds business through this will be able to market services, such as DNA and toxicology testing and drug testing services.
  • USA Mobile Drug Testing, LLC (USAMDT) This is a statewide drug testing business that allows businessmen to market mobile alcohol and drug testing services. Its services come along with established marketing strategy, the reason why franchising with USAMDT is a good choice.
  • ArcPoint Labs This is one of the thriving drug testing businesses that creates one of the largest franchise brands of drugs and alcohol testing materials and services. It offers a chance for business starters to franchise products that already have a proven operating and widespread marketing program.

Different Business Opportunities

  • A & D Tests, Inc This company offers some ways to offset the start-up costs and provides training experience to individuals who want to start a drug testing business.
  • Onsite Drug Testing Network, Inc. This company provides individuals specific sales, business coaching tools, and marketing ideas to help them run a successful business of their own.
  • Rapid Drug Test System - This company offers a proper training and an ongoing back-up support that includes set up, sales, and marketing for individuals who want to start a new drug testing business.

Preparations to Start a Drug Testing Business

Before starting a drug testing business, businessmen usually create a plan on how to go about it. The plan outlines the entire outcome of the business, which will help first timers determine its weakness and strength, and know the techniques to thrive or recover from fall. The following are the necessary preparations for a successful drug testing business.

  • Write a Business Plan. It contains the description of the marketing strategy of the business.
  • Establish a legal format of the business. This involves contacting attorneys about the legal considerations of a drug testing business. Legal forms of business ownership include proprietorship, limited liability corporation (LLC), and corporation.
  • Determine the Source of Funds. The three different sources to finance the start-up cost of drug business are: savings, investors, and business loan.

Qualities of a Good Drug Testing Business

Clients prefer drug testing business that has exceptional qualities. Since drug testing is linked to different ethical issues of privacy and discrimination, the following are the qualities of a good drug testing business.

  • Trustworthy
  • Traceable
  • Secured privacy and guaranteed accuracy
  • Registered and legitimate
  • Fast and reliable services
  • Proper documentation control
  • Complete Data Processing Equipment (Computers, printers, scanners, software, phone systems, etc.)
  • Complete Verification and Confirmatory test
  • Complete Drug testing kits and other necessary Equipment
  • Carefully planned drug testing policy
  • Good bonds with other Drug testing Programs
  • Good public relations

Common Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

Starting up a drug testing business is both risky and wise. Since the issue of drug abuse remains prevalent, businessmen perceive drug testing as a ceaseless business. However, like all other businesses around the world, drug testing business may also have downfalls. The following are the common characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, which will help bring the drug testing business on its peak.

  • Good finance management and planning strategy
  • Positive image and effective customer relations
  • Ability to deliver high-tech outputs
  • Competitive and persistent character
  • Attention-grabbing and persuasive aptitude

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