Companies That Drug Test

Companies That Drug Test

Drug testing has become common in many companies throughout the United States. From local retailers to corporations with a global reach, many of these companies are spending a fortune to ensure their workforce is drug-free. Below are a few examples of the largest of these companies and what they are doing to reduce drug use.

List of Companies That Drug Test

Many large-scale profitable employers recognize the value and importance in employee drg testing. As a strong substance abuse prevention methods, drug testing has been adopted by the following companies to alleviate the risk of overly high Workers Compensation and benefits claims:

Microsoft Drug Test Policy

With more than 89,000 employees, Microsoft may not be one of the largest companies in terms of payroll but their $60 billion revenue certainly makes them an impressive force in capitalism. The company is also reported to be one of the biggest drug testers. While most of the drug testing at the facility is done using urine samples, other methods such as hair follicle and saliva are also used occasionally. Some reports suggest the company does random drug testing every 30 days to ensure their staff is not partying too much off hours.

Exxon Pre-Employment Test

The gas and oil industry has always been one of the nation’s powerhouses. However, the company also wants to prevent any more fiascos like the crashing of the Valdez near Alaska in 1989. The resulting oil spill was linked to claims of alcohol use by the captain of the vessel. Now ExxonMobil uses pre-employment drug testing for all candidates. However, they do not appear to do any follow-up screenings after employment. That means any of their 106,000 employees could have started using drugs after being hired into the company which boasts more than $400 billion in revenue.

Wal-Mart Pre-Employment Drug Test

If you want to discuss one of the largest employers in the United States who do drug testing, Wal-Mart would definitely be at the top of that list. The company employs more than 2 million workers around the world and earns an annual revenue of $387 billion. Drug testing policies have not been implemented through all of the stores and shipping areas yet, however. Many employees report differing drug testing experiences where they are being performed as well. Some claim urine drug testing is only done as part of the pre-employment screening process. Others claim random drug testing takes place after employment as well. One might well assume that even if Wal-Mart has not launched full drug testing throughout its holdings that will be the inevitable next step. Wal-Mart is also a known retailer of instant over the counter drug tests.

Ford Motor Company Drug Testing

Like an increasing number of manufacturing firms, Ford Motor Company has begun implementing drug testing of its staff. Despite the recent downsizing, the company still employs nearly 90,000 people and earns $172 billion in revenue annually from sales. While it isn’t clear from reports if the drug testing is done for pre-employment screenings or if random tests are done after employment as well, the company is clearly taking steps to ensure the company’s staff will be drug-free at some point.

Additionally, many of the Ford dealerships throughout the country have implemented their own independent drug screening programs for sales staff. Some of these employers use hair follicle tests instead of urine specimens.


Companies that drug test